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Pharma: why they are wrong when they “eliminate” librarians

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A great article in Bio-ITWorld:

“…many life science organizations—Pfizer and Genentech are just two recent examples—have cut back or eliminated their library research staff, believing the myth that everything is free on the Internet. Many more are experimenting with outsourcing research librarian services to India or China—producing unsatisfactory and low quality work. (…)

Making the right decisions based on insightful analysis of the most relevant data can make a critical difference in companies whose futures rely on new product development. (…)

(Librarians) can execute these complex searches in sophisticated databases, where the relevant information is extracted from “noisy” irrelevant content. (…)

If your organization is willing to subject all of your investment of time, funding, and hard work to the vagaries of risk and failure, then surfing through oceans of un-vetted information on the Internet is fine. But if you want to vastly improve your chances of success, whether it be identifying a lucrative research area or achieving regulatory approval, then it is time to urgently rethink your stale image of the trusted research librarian.”

Ben-Shir, Rya & Feng, Alexander. Reevaluating the role of the research librarian. Bio-ITWorld, Posted on September 27, 2011.










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