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Influence of Big Pharma on social media

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In FUMSI, a new report of Andrew Spong, the specialist of pharma influence (based on Klout and PeerIndex)…

The pharmaceutical industry, “in particular is only reluctantly laying aside its desire to control the pitch and tone of the messages associated with its products. However, the pharmaceutical industry is coming to acknowledge that, regardless of whether it elects to participate in the conversations that take place across the social web regarding both its drugs and its reputation, the dialogue will continue with or without them“. (…)

The growing roster of pharma industry presences on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with comments enabled speak of the leading industry participants’ commitment to availing themselves of the opportunities that the social web presents to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones“.

Read the full article at:
Spong, Andrew. Pharma influence: where next for industry on the social web? FUMSI, 27th of october, 2011.


Written by hbasset

November 2, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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