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Open Access: a low understanding by academics

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Academics do not have a very deep understanding of open access (OA) publishing…

The survey reveals a lack of awareness among certain respondents.

  • Only 64% of respondents were aware that their institutions had a repository – when in fact they all did.
  • 56% of respondents also said that their institutions did not have an OA mandate when in fact they did, suggesting that there is still some way to go to get academics’ beliefs and behaviours aligned with institutional policy.

The survey also asked why academics might – or might not – make their work available on an OA basis. The top reason cited by respondents was ‘because it improves accessibility to my work’. Citation advantage ranked in the middle, and the existence of mandates ranked at the bottom of respondents’ answers.

When asked why they did not make work available as OA, the most popular responses were ‘I need to publish in high impact journals’ or ‘it is too expensive’…

Allen, Katherine. Academics do not have deep understanding of OA. Information Today, Posted on October 28, 2011.


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