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SciTopics discontinued by Elsevier: who’s next?!

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Next! after 2collab, Elsevier has decided to discontinue SciTopics, the science wiki…
According a Elsevier statement, “the service has not provided the unique value that we had envisioned, resulting in insufficient growth and momentum”.

SciTopics is one in a series of innovations developed by Elsevier in recent years to help scientific authors increase exposure for themselves and their work and to facilitate knowledge sharing. Most of these initiatives are successful, a few aren’t. More importantly, we endeavour to learn from our less successful projects and apply that learning to new products that benefit the scientific community.

The continuously expanding realm of online social networks, wikis and collaboration platforms already provide a great deal of what SciTopics originally set out to offer. This means that we will focus on alternative strategies in our ongoing development of products and services that help researchers improve their work processes and services.

Elsevier has disabled all new activity on the SciTopics site and therefore no new content will be posted. However, the site will continue in a read-only mode allowing review of existing articles.


Written by hbasset

November 2, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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