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Reading: for citations, scholars rely more on print than on web materials

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According a recent suty, scholars use web materials but rely more on paper-based material.
The relationship between the print and web citation over time (year) was significant. The most prevalent domain of citations was html and the most favorable and persistent file format was pdf.The web resources are used for their easy accessibility and the support they provide for a scientific content. While direct accessibility to a web citation is not provided, many strategies are adopted to recover the dead citation.
The issue is to what extent the authors rely on web resources and are they finished with citing paper-based materials? Are web resources becoming replaced with their print counterparts? The study showed that scholars still rely more on print resources than on the web materials

Riahinia, N., Zandian, F., Azimi, A.Web citation persistence over time: A retrospective studyElectronic Library, Volume 29, Issue 5, 2011, Pages 609-620.


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