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SM: FDA needs to be clear right now!

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In short, the lack of guidance from the FDA on social media doesn’t just affect the marketing and education by medical product manufacturers but rather, has the potential to cause harm when patients or caregivers rely on third party generated material such as a Wiki, that might be incorrect.  It’s not about marketing, it’s about public health. (…)

Also in 2009, the FDA launched a new and heightened effort at transparency and there has been some success in broadening the concept, though in this case, it has been selectively applied.  There is no good reason why we should not have greater transparency in the development of guidances, particularly in cases such as this where the product has been delayed for unknown reasons.  And as called for here in the past, the agency should streamline its process and get the support of outside experts through an advisory process that would help it anticipate and understand how the changes in communication affect the consumption of healthcare information by patients and caregivers.”

Senak, Mark. FDA needs to be clear about social media. Eye on FDA, Online,Posted on 28th of November 2011.




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December 2, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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