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Cambridge Journals, has announced a brand new Article Rental scheme, which will see single academic research articles being made available over a 24-hour period at a significantly lower cost.

Cambridge Journals publishes over 280 peer-reviewed academic journals across a wide spread of subject areas, many of which are the leading academic publications in their fields. However, the cost of accessing research can sometimes be a barrier for customers who are not able to subscribe, so the new rental scheme has been launched as part of the latest release of improvements to Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), Cambridge’s online journals publishing service.

For $5.99, users will now be able to read single articles online for up to 24 hours, a saving of up to 86 percent compared with the cost of purchasing the article. After registration and payment, the reader is emailed a link, through which they can access and read the article in PDF format as often as they wish during the subsequent 24 hours.

Article Rental is a read-only option. Rented articles can be viewed on any computer that has a browser and a web connection, but the view-only PDF cannot be downloaded, printed, or cut-and-pasted.

A new business model??


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December 2, 2011 at 6:12 pm

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