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The future of eBooks: a collaborative comsuption

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The concept of Rachel Botsman fits well with evolution of readers’ behavior.

The way that people consume music has changed dramatically in recent years.  Anders Mildner, a journalist and media analyst from Sweden, speaking at Online Information 2011, believes the way people read and relate to books will follow a similar pattern.  The consumption of books, like music, will become less passive and more social.

New forms of e-book will enable readers to share reading experiences, just as they share music and playlists.  Reading will become a more participatory activity.  Although the value of books as physical objects will decrease, their value as social objects will increase.  Publishers and authors will look to develop works that can be enjoyed as social, shared experiences.  Librarians, and others, will need to re-engage with what reading is all about.  Publishers need to develop new business models

Skelton, Val. The future of ebooks.  Information Today Europe, Posted on 8th of December 2011.


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