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European patients don’t want Big Pharma on Facebook

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PharmaLive reports interesting findings from a recent study:

Despite heavy restrictions on DTC advertising in Europe, nearly two in five online Europeans would like to be able to learn more about prescription drugs directly from a pharmaceutical company, according to the new Cybercitizen Health® Europe study from pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research. (…)

Online consumers show much higher demand for practical online resources from pharmaceutical companies, such as disease and treatment information and condition management tools, than for online contests and games. (…)

Among consumers who are already using or interested in online information and tools from pharmaceutical companies, only 13 percent want to access this content on Facebook and 5 percent on Twitter. In contrast, 43 percent of this audience would like to obtain pharma resources from websites about conditions and diseases.

New Study Finds European Consumers Show Considerable Interest in Learning from Pharma Companies – But Not on Facebook or Twitter. PharmaLive, Posted on 12th of December 2011.


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December 12, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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