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eHealth: patients are changing, but not (yet) the Physicians


Patients, be patient!, Mark Senak recommends.

” I can attach a cuff to my i-Pad which will then also take my blood pressure on my i-Pad and plot it out along with my weight in either chart or graph form by date and available for my physician. The problem is that my physician then hand enters the readings into my chart with a pen and paper. (…)

Patients are changing.  They are accessing medical information differently, they are storing it differently and they are consuming it more voraciously.  This access to medical information and tools means that many patients are more medically conversant and knowledgeable than the patient of just five years ago.  Medical literacy is likely on the rise.

It also changes the way physician and patient communicate.  Five years ago, I never would have considered the need for email between my physician and myself, thinking it impractical.  Today, I think a physician needs to have some portal of access for the exchange of data and information. (…)

The use of e-tools has become so ubiquitous, many physicians may not be aware the extent to which the patient experience is being changed.”

Senak, Mark. Patience Patients – Are e-Patients Waiting for e-Docs? Eye on FDA, 25th of January, 2012.