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Pharma 3.0: rethinking influence of pharma in patients’ lives

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Nothing new, but a good paper:

Science, medicine and healthcare have always been collaborative but in recent years this has intensified. The web both encourages powerful networks and makes them easier to explore – whether networks of co-authorship between key opinion leaders, citations between scientific papers or interactions between patients on specialised social networks. 

The web has given us the tools to connect and collaborate. For good or ill, influence nowadays is not always defined by knowledge, experience and authority, but also by how connected and engaged you are.

The importance of networks in healthcare and medicine will only increase. (…)

So what can pharma do to ensure it thrives in this environment?

First of all, it must understand the networks. Listening and profiling exercises can identify where conversations are taking place, what content resonates and how it is being shared.Crucially, there is a need to map the relationships between actors in the network, not just the actors themselves. (…)

But listening is not enough. Pharma must engage, embedding itself in networks and communicating honestly, ethically and as an equal. A strong presence will ensure that a brand’s voice is heard, as will checking that all the touchpoints discovered during the research phase are addressed. (…)

This new, highly networked era is a huge opportunity for pharmaan opportunity to get closer to customers and become a bigger part of their lives. But it’s much more than that. It’s also the best feedback loop we could ever wish for, giving us a chance to understand the impact of our actions on those who matter most – healthcare practitioners and their patients.”

Lamb, Andrew. Rethinking influence in a networked world. PMLive, Published on 2nd of March 2012.








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March 5, 2012 at 8:30 pm

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