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STM eBooks: promise and challenges after 5 formative years of experimentation

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An interesting white paper, sponsored by Springer, where 5 consultants give their conclusions after first years of experimentation.

eBooks have evolved considerably over the last fi ve years, beyond the more mature, but less dynamic eJournals space. Th ey are now poised at an intersection of library, technology and research trends that afford great opportunities and challenges, for both the library and publisher communities.

Similar to the formative years of STM eJournals adoption, eBook uptake shows both promise and challenges:promise as an efficient source for research, and challenges as stakeholders grasp how best to manage this relatively new content format.

In their sixth year, eBooks are entering an Age of Experimentation… (…)


  • In Their Infancy: eBooks Helped Librarians and Researchers Work Smarter, But…
  • eBooks Today: As Many Questions as There Are Answers
  • eBooks Tomorrow: A Bright, If Uncertain, Future

Read the white paper at:



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