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iPads and Health 2.0: a revolution?

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A good summuary by Medical News Today:

Apple’s iPad is increasingly finding use in health and medicine, with applications ranging from giving individuals instant access to a wealth of reference, educational and personal health information, to helping hospitals streamline their operations, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, and helping health professionals with analysis and diagnosis.

However, recent reports suggest the touch tablet devices could be doing more than was originally intended, driven by a pressure for change that is is coming from users, as health care providers seize the new tool with renewed passion, and demand more from the technologists.

Some business cases:

  • iPads in Hospitals: Some hospitals have installed kiosks where patients, visitors and medical staff use the securely mounted touchscreen tablet to look up information
  • iPads in Medical Education: Another environment that seems to have taken the iPad to its bosom is medical education. At first it was just a tool that students brought with them of their own initiative: but more and more medical schools are now switching to iPad as the main platform for delivering the curriculum.
  • iPad’s Top Medical Apps: an impressive app is Medscape Mobile, a huge free resource from WebMD and available on several platforms, including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry. It is the leading medical resource most used by healthcare professionals. “The amount of free content provided by Medscape is absolutely mind boggling and seems to continuously grow with each update. 7,000+ drug references, 3,500+ disease clinical references, 2,500+ clinical images and procedure videos, robust drug interaction tool checker, CME activities, and more.”
  • iPads in Medical Imaging: Medical imaging is a field where one can see how the iPad may one day, and perhaps that day is sooner rather than later, go beyond helping teachers, students patients and doctors communicate more clearly, to being a diagnostic tool.
  • The new iPad
  • What next?


Paddock, Catharine. iPads in Health and medicine: more than an information Revolution? Medical News Today, 14th of March 2012, Available from: [Accessed 21st of March 2012]

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March 21, 2012 at 6:29 pm

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