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Bad story: J&J unit closes a Facebook page

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According Pharmalot:

More than a year after launching its Psoriasis 360 page on Facebook, the Janssen UK unit of Johnson & Johnson is closing down due to a growing number of comments that had to be removed because specific drugs were mentioned or, in some cases, offensive language was used.  (…)

The move comes amid an ongoing debate over the extent to which the pharmaceutical industry can – and should – embrace Facebook and, in general, social media. Last year, Facebook no longer allowed drugmakers to disable posted comments

In fact, the Psoriasis 360 Facebook page was the first in the pharmaceutical industry to allow comments to appear before being vetted by a drugmaker (…)

Read further:

Silverman, Ed. J&J unit closes Facebook page due to comments. PharmaLot, 22nd of March 2012; Available from:






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March 22, 2012 at 7:18 pm

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