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What Physicians want from Pharma industry is D.I.G.I.T.A.L.!!

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MedAdNews reports a study done by PTS:

Well, according to the researchers at PTS, what physicians want is digital. On page four, the authors list ten key takeaways from their physician survey; of these, five are related to digital and another is an outcropping of the digital revolution. To wit:

2. Want more use of iPads in detailing

3. Want more electronic access to materials and representatives

4. Want less mailed print materials

7. Want  more HCP-focused Websites

8. 88% now own smartphones (vs. 70% in 2010), and 54% use iPads (or other tablets) in daily work

9. Doctors communicate with patients primarily via phone (70%), email (66%), and mail (46%) (…)

Field representatives are increasingly using iPads as their eVisual aid platform in their conversations with physicians. iPads are a clear hit with doctors; 82% of survey respondents want to see “more” or “significantly more” use of iPads or other tablets by representatives calling on their practices. (…)

Read further:

Slatko, Joshua. What physicians want? It’s spelled D-I-G-I-T-A-L. MedAdNews, April 2012. Available from: [Accessed 26th April 2012]

The original report:


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