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Coming soon: From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0 (Chandos)

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From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0:

Semantic search and social media in the pharmaceutical industry and STM publishing

Hervé Basset, Science Intelligence, France, David Stuart, King’s College London, UK and Denise Silber, BASIL Strategies & Doctors 2.0 TM & You, France

Chandos Publishing Social Media Series No. 7

– gives a global overview of success and failure in Science 2.0
– presents useful stories and lessons learned
– gives a clear view of how semantic search is present in science platforms and its potential in STM publishing
– offers realistic perspectives written by experts in contact with research and medical communities

Science 2.0 uses the resources of Web 2.0 to communicate between scientists, and with the general public. Web 3.0, in turn, has brought disruptive technologies such as semantic search, cloud computing and mobile applications into play. The term Pharma 3.0 anticipates the future relationship between drug makers and doctors with their patients in light of such technology. From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0 examines these developments, discussing the best and worst of Web 2.0 in science communication and health. Successes such as the Open Access phenomena and also less successful networks are covered. This title is divided into three parts. The first part considers the Web 2.0 revolution, and the promise of its impact on science communication and the state of Science 2.0. The second part looks at impact on Pharma and Health, including attempts to utilise digital in Pharma. The last part looks at the promising disruptive technologies of Web 3.0, including semantic search in biomedicine and enterprise platforms. The book concludes by looking forward to developments of ‘3.0’ in Pharma and STM publishing.

Readership: Those interested in Science 2.0 and Pharma 3.0., including researchers, information professionals, and managers.

ISBN 1 84334 709 1
ISBN-13: 978 1 84334 709 5
To be published in August 2012




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April 30, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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