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Curation contributes to Information overload (FUMSI)

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A nice piece at FUMSI:

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, WordPress, Google+, Pinterest – the number of sites available for individuals to create content seems infinite. And whilst adding an album to Facebook, checking in to Foursquare and posting an update on Twitter is fun, we’re all effectively contributing to digital information overload. (…)

Information overload is usually defined as a situation where an individual can have difficulties understanding an issue and making decisions, which can be caused by the presence of too much information. (…)

Some issues are identified:

  • Overload decreases efficiency as individuals and organisations waste time managing it
  • Information is duplicated easier because of sharing tools
  • Multitasking work environments kill productivity


The problem of information overload isn’t new, but it’s only in the digital age that more people have come to understand its impact.”

Read the full article at:

Mullan, James. Social media, information overload and careful curation. FUMSI, 4th of May 2012. Available from: [Accessed 9th of May 2012]






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