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Switching to Open Access is a challenge for authors

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An interesting note from a finish researcher:

As an author I am in favour of open access (OA) as a concept for medical publishing. When drafting manuscripts, accessing articles freely from any computer without any passwords is very convenient. However, I have never submitted to an OA journal – partly because of more cautious views of other research group members. (…)

However, many researchers collect their meagre funding from small supporters, and the costs of OA publishing may be intolerable to them. (…)

The increase of OA publishing is supposed to lower the subscription  expenses of institutional libraries. Therefore, the universities and other research institutions should use the saved money to support their researchers to submit in OA journals.

Saloheimo, Pertti. Switching to open access publishing is challenging. International Journal of Clinical Practice. May 2012, Vol. 66, N°5, pp. 515-517. Available from: [Accessed 24th May 2012]


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May 24, 2012 at 7:26 pm

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