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UTOPIA: « ce logiciel n’est pas un hamburger* »

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UTOPIA is a disruptive science article reader which integrates some sexy technos such as Altmetric, a comment editor, an integrated semantic search, an interactive figure browser…


The Utopia Documents PDF reader, developped by Lost Island Labs Ltd (LIL) has, in collaboration with Academic Concept Knowledge Ltd. (AQnowledge),  seeks to bridge – while online – the ‘linkability gap’ between HTML and PDF, …

It allows readers to experience dynamically enriched scientific articles. The tool is publisher-independent and is providing ‘article-of-the-future-like‘ enrichment for any modern PDF.

The tool is free.

* Based on :

S. Pettifer, P. McDermott, J. Marsh, D. Thorne A. Villeger and T.K. Attwood Ceci n’est pas un hamburger: modelling and representing the scholarly article. Learned Publishing, 24:3, July 2011.


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May 29, 2012 at 7:46 pm

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