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PubMed: A few recent changes… (by Intellogist)

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Joelle Mornini, from the great Intellogist webiste, has listed a few recent changes that happened in PubMed.

In a few words, nothing revolutionary… Her conclusion is:

The filters sidebar replaces a cumbersome “limits” page that took a few extra clicks to access and apply to the search results.  Now, users can instantly refine their search directly from the results list.  The “sorted by computed author” search and the versioned citations both help users more quickly rank and identify the most relavent results or versions of a result.  The “Save items” portlet and “Citation manager” option allow the user to quickly compile and export the most relevant results into a concise list that can be manipulated through any type of citation manager software.  These subtle changes to the PubMed interface may not seem like enormous improvements, but they can save a prior art searcher time when every second counts

See the full article at:

Mornini, Joelle. 5 recent changes to the PubMed interface, Intellogist, 19 June 2012. Available from: [Accessed 20 June 2012]

Personaly, I would rather say that switching to great alternatives such as GoPubMed, PubGet or Biblimed, instead of using this poor PubMed will save precious minutes!!! See my previous post



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