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Yes, some employees are rejecting SharePoint

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SharePoint is unquestionably a success from a licensing perspective, but dig behind the firewall and the picture looks more chequered. For example in a uSamp survey last year, 80 percent of organizations using SharePoint said employees continue to share documents as email attachments. (…)

Even where SharePoint is used, people aren’t truly collaborating with it. Team sites are often really document graveyards where content is stored once collaboration has stopped. Other social features such as blogs and My Sites have very low adoption rates or just pockets of activity. Even celebrated case studies are not about widespread adoption but localized success stories. (…)

To a large extent this rejection is passive, i.e. it’s a failure to adopt born of inertia rather than tasting the SharePoint sprouts and then spitting them out. This comes from years of ingrained habits about what workplace collaboration is: email, attachments and network drives. That in itself is not SharePoint’s fault – Google Wave hit similar challenges, for example. (…)

However SharePoint doesn’t help either. It’s highly complex, and some of the collaboration patterns are quite sophisticated, such as metadata, versioning and workflow. It makes it hard to selectively switch these elements off so that people can learn progressively. Moreover, the user interface is particularly unpleasant. It’s fiddly and lacks the visual appeal of modern websites. (…)

None of these issues are insurmountable

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September 11, 2012 at 5:40 pm

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