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Is Eli Lilly the Social Media leader for Pharma?

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For PharmaLot, Eli Lilly runs all the SM fronts:

If you’re following any pharma companies on Twitter, it’s apparent that Eli Lilly is one of the most active. The company launched its blog,LillyPAD, two years ago; the blog, the Facebook page of the same name, and the Twitter feed from the blog focus on public policies about health care and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Lilly has a Facebook page and Twitter account for the Campaign for Modern Medicine, which is a Lilly-owned lobbying group, as well as for its annual Lilly Oncology on Canvas art exhibition. The company runs a YouTube page, Lilly for Better Health, featuring videos about Lilly’s research and philanthropic work, and a blog and Twitter feed regarding open innovation research concepts. (…)

However, when it comes to patients, Lilly would like to communicate about specific diseases and some of their own drugs. The Indianapolis-based company recently drafted social media guidelines in hope of expanding its use of social media to more company employees without violating drug promotion regulations. The company would also like to share information with investors about its corporate finances or with various stakeholders about issues of corporate responsibility.

Presently, Lilly bars employees from talking about company business matters on social media, but the company is gearing up for the training to get more workers talking about Lilly in the future.

Read the full article on:

Silverman, Ed. Lilly and social media, PharmaLot, 14th of September 2012, Available from:



Written by hbasset

September 22, 2012 at 12:22 pm

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