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Only 30% of Top 100 Pharma and Biotech have Apps…

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According this very good study by Mike Ratclife

  • To date, only 30%, or 30 companies out of the 100 surveyed have Apps in the Apple Apps Store
  • The 30 companies with Apps had launched 101 Apps. 
  • Nearly two thirds have only launched one or two Apps; The largest number of Apps sponsored by any one single company is nine – Merck and Sanofi.
  • All are free whether for the iPhone or iPad. The iPhone is the most popular platform accounting for 75% of all Apps, 50% are on the iPad and 25% are on both platforms.
  • These Apps are targeted at either consumers (patients), or professionals (providers). Nearly two thirds are aimed at consumers, while one third at professionals.

Read the full study at:

Ratcliffe, Mike. Pharma & Biotech tap into Mobile Apps. CI Strategy, 21 September 2012, Available from:



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October 1, 2012 at 4:54 pm

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