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Innovation by Big Pharma: same education, same conferences, … give a same model

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Reported by David Bradley:

A case study of six leading pharmaceutical companies – Amgen, Elan, Lundbeck, Merck, UCB and Wyeth – by Annabeth Aagaard of the University of Southern Denmark points to how the industry might adapt to ongoing pressures from rising R&D costs, depreciating patent value and public authority desire to cut healthcare costs.

These challenges have increased the focus on shortening development times and the efficiency of Front-End of Innovation (FEI),…

Aagaard found that the six companies employ very similar approaches to idea management in FEI, which might suggest that innovation would be stifled and the competitive edge lost

A scientists says, “You have to remember, that we (i.e., the pharmaceutical scientists) all go to the same conferences, are more or less educated in the same places and are moving to and between the same companies, so we share a number of similarities and probably think very much alike when it comes to innovation and how to develop a new drug.

Read the full article at:

Bradley, David. Skunk pharma. ScienceBase, November 8, 2012. Available from:









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