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Open Access: still in progress (Research Information)

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2 articles in the latest issue of Research Information show that OA is still growing but also needs to improve some processes.

Some findings from a survey made by Wiley:

  • 79 % of surveyed authors see open access as more prevalent in their discipline than it was three years ago
  • Reasons that authors gave for not yet having published under an open-access model included a lack of high profile open-access journals (48 per cent), lack of funding (44 per cent) and concerns about quality (34 per cent). Authors said they would publish in an open-access journal if it had a high impact factor, if it were well regarded and if it had a rigorous peer-review process.
  • The highest proportion of open-access authors came from a medical background (28 per cent), closely followed by biological sciences (24 per cent)

and a discussion around the new model of publication, the CC-BY license:

The CC-BY licence condition, defined by Creative Commons, allows modification and reuse of content, including commercially, provided that the original author is properly attributed. (…) However, there are concerns with the implications of the licence. Because CC-BY allows for commercial reuse of content it could theoretically be published again, behind a paywall, which might seem to contradict some of the aims of open access. And there may be some uses that researchers are uncomfortable with. For example, medical researchers might be unhappy with parts of their papers being used to promote a particular drug


OA gains ground with authors, says study. Research Information, 30 october 2012. Available from:

More publishers move towards CC-BY licence for OA articles. Research Information, 15 november 2012. Available from:


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