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Document Delivery Vendors: the TOP 3

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On its yearly update dedicated to “Document Delivery: Best Practices and Vendor Scorecard”, Outsell Inc. has outlined the performance of the TOP 3 vendors.

They are (by revenue 2012):

  1. British Library: 221 $millions
  2. Infotrieve: 43 $millions
  3. Reprint Desk: 22 $millions

The Outsell Scorecard:

Satisfaction Ratings:

  1. Reprints Desk, 4.2
  2. British Library, 3.7
  3. Infotrieve, 3.3

Loyalty ratings (willingness to recommend to other buyers):

  1. Reprints Desk
  2. British Library
  3. Infotrieve

Overall Satisfaction Scorecard:

  1. Reprints Desk, 4.4
  2. British Library, 4.0
  3. Infotrieve, 3.6


The original report can be found here:—2012-update


A free copy of the report can be viewed online


Written by hbasset

December 12, 2012 at 8:26 pm

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