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Science magazine Scientific American and InnoCentive, Inc., the global leader in open innovation, crowdsourcing, and prize competitions, have announced a partnership for an online hub that seeks to help science enthusiasts solve global scientific problems. The Scientific American Open Innovation Pavilion, scheduled to go live in the spring of 2013, will be jointly hosted on InnoCentive.comand
Commercial organisations, government agencies, and non-profits (known as ‘Seekers’) will be able to post ‘Challenges’ on the Scientific American Open Innovation Pavilion. These ‘Challenges’ are well-articulated descriptions of scientific and technical problems that require innovative solutions. The Scientific American Open Innovation Pavilion provides these ‘Seekers’ with unprecedented access to a global pool of problem solvers, including InnoCentive’s existing 275,000-person-strong solver network and Scientific American’s audience of nearly five million monthly visitors to

This partnership also marks the growth of InnoCentive’s collaboration with Nature Publishing Group (NPG), Scientific American’s parent organisation. In June 2009, InnoCentive and NPG launched the Open Innovation Pavilion, which is hosted on and,

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