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Pharma 3.0: “a monumental shift is happening” (E&Y)

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A monumental shift is happening that will impact the future of healthcare, according to an Ernst & Young report, which outlines a new approach to healthcare delivery, leading to the reinvention of commercial models within the pharmaceutical industry. (…)

The report, Progressions – The third place: Healthcare everywhere examines how several forces, including patent cliffs; reduced R&D productivity, pricing pressures, globalization and demographics have made the industry’s long-standing blockbuster business model increasingly outdated. These factors fueled a transition known as the move from Pharma 1.0, a vertically integrated blockbuster model to Pharma 2.0, which is the current model based on a more diversified market portfolios and a broader focus on bottom-line returns, not just top-line growth. The move to Pharma 3.0 won’t be automatic. (…)

“What we’re talking about at a very high level is a move to new healthcare system that is based on value and not volume,” (…)

Signs exist indicating that pharma companies are moving customer centricity (…)

Pharma 3.0 is also significant because it involves the transition from blockbuster drugs to more personalized medicine for smaller populations…

Read the full article:

Burns, Mia. Pharma moving toward more customer-centric models. MedAdNews-Pharmalive, online on February, 5th 2013. Available from:

For Pharma 3.0 models, read also:

From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0

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