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Quote: “Blogging is existing, tweeting is connecting”

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Interesting findings given by several French students, about the power of blogging for young scientists:

  • The transmission of knowledge is a difficult task. You need to multiply the initiatives, and that’s where the blog plays an important role
  • PhD candidates have little free time, but it is probably the period in their careers when they have the most time to spend “informing the public
  • blogging is about sharing findings, sharing your work, and creating a digital e-reputation
  • Blogging also means improving one’s writing skills, editing speed, and scientific analysis, which are all valuable abilities when it comes to writing your thesis
  • If you write and publish online, make it so that you’ll be read. Post your articles on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. E-mail your texts to people likely to read them.

Read the full article from:

Science Blogs and Your PhD. A trump card for your scientific career; Available from:

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April 16, 2013 at 7:59 pm

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