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Altmetrics: a new impact factor for new publishings

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In the latest issue of Research Information, David Stuart is wondering how researchers now can evaluate the impact of these new ways of publishing, including social channels.

One of the answer is Altmetrics, the growing application that you will find now in every science journals and databases (like Scopus for e.g.) and which measures popularity of an article on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Use of this way to measure the research performance is still controversial (but still is Impact Factor 50 years after its beginning!) and “there is a long way to go before altmetrics fully answer any of the questions that are being raised by the new research environment“, says David.

However, altmetrics fast adoption shows that “research landscape is much more than journal articles, and there is a lot of value to be created by measuring the connections between the new types of publication“.

Stuart, David. Making metrics more relevant. Research Information, Dec. 2012/ Jan 2013. pp.13-16. available from:


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November 28, 2012 at 8:34 pm

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UTOPIA: « ce logiciel n’est pas un hamburger* »

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UTOPIA is a disruptive science article reader which integrates some sexy technos such as Altmetric, a comment editor, an integrated semantic search, an interactive figure browser…


The Utopia Documents PDF reader, developped by Lost Island Labs Ltd (LIL) has, in collaboration with Academic Concept Knowledge Ltd. (AQnowledge),  seeks to bridge – while online – the ‘linkability gap’ between HTML and PDF, …

It allows readers to experience dynamically enriched scientific articles. The tool is publisher-independent and is providing ‘article-of-the-future-like‘ enrichment for any modern PDF.

The tool is free.

* Based on :

S. Pettifer, P. McDermott, J. Marsh, D. Thorne A. Villeger and T.K. Attwood Ceci n’est pas un hamburger: modelling and representing the scholarly article. Learned Publishing, 24:3, July 2011.

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May 29, 2012 at 7:46 pm

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Beyond the Impact Factor: altmetric and open access articles

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The impact of academic research has long been measured using citations, mainly with the Journal Impact Factor being used to assess individual publications within it, it has been observed. However, the Impact Factor is a journal level – not an article level – metric and, as academic publishing and the surrounding discussion move increasingly onto the web, new tools to track and assess the impact of individual scientific publications have emerged.

These web-based approaches are starting to offer an article-level perspective of the way research is disseminated, discussed and integrated across the web. The hope is that a broader set of metrics to complement citations will eventually give a more comprehensive view of article impact, and help to make the most relevant and important publications discoverable to individuals, based on their interests. is seen as one of a growing number of web-based tools taking a novel approach to the assessment of scholarly impact – it aggregates the mentions on Twitter and social media sites, and coverage in online reference managers, mainstream news sources and blogs to present an overview of the interest a published article is receiving online.

To take impact factor to the article level, open access publisher BioMed Central has reportedly added the ‘donut’ to the about page of published articles. The donut will display for articles receiving coverage which has been tracked by, along with an article score.

BioMed plans to keep adding to this range of metrics and indicators as they continue to expose a fuller image of research impact.

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May 29, 2012 at 7:23 pm

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