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The new Sciverse ScienceDirect: a good marketing by Elsevier

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A nice presentation including disruptive features such as applications, etc.


If you cannot show the video above, go to:


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November 30, 2012 at 6:03 pm

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Only 30% of Top 100 Pharma and Biotech have Apps…

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According this very good study by Mike Ratclife

  • To date, only 30%, or 30 companies out of the 100 surveyed have Apps in the Apple Apps Store
  • The 30 companies with Apps had launched 101 Apps. 
  • Nearly two thirds have only launched one or two Apps; The largest number of Apps sponsored by any one single company is nine – Merck and Sanofi.
  • All are free whether for the iPhone or iPad. The iPhone is the most popular platform accounting for 75% of all Apps, 50% are on the iPad and 25% are on both platforms.
  • These Apps are targeted at either consumers (patients), or professionals (providers). Nearly two thirds are aimed at consumers, while one third at professionals.

Read the full study at:

Ratcliffe, Mike. Pharma & Biotech tap into Mobile Apps. CI Strategy, 21 September 2012, Available from:


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October 1, 2012 at 4:54 pm

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Students like iPad and Apps but do not purchase ebooks

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In spite of constant media attention around new forms of technology and especially e-books students still appear to be reticent about embracing new technologies in their studies. (…)

The students in the group, who studied a range of subjects at universities in and around London, felt there was a constant push for them to move to digital but they were resisting it. Although respondents were seeing increasingly more iPads and e-readers at university and they expected more use of e-books in the future, they were unanimous in the hope that this wouldn’t come at the expense of face-to-face time and hard-copy texts. (…)

The students in the focus group said that they used a wide range of online sources and databases (mentions included JSTOR, Project MUSE, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Athens, Emerald journals, LexisLibrary, Westlaw UK, ISI Web of Knowledge and Inspiration). They also used search resources including Google Scholar and Wikipedia. However, it was startling (and distinctly disheartening to the publishers watching the group) how little the students bought digital study resources and e-books. (…)

Medical students had by far the greatest use of apps for their studies…

Read further:

Kedros, Jenny. Focus group reveals reticence about move to digital. Research Information, 28th of February 2012.

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February 29, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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iPad: the pharma industry must gain a presence

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In the latest issue of Pharmaceutical Executive:

Pharma is not an industry known for launching headlong into new ideas and new ways of doing things—at least not without indulging in a considerable period of cautious study first. So its embrace of the iPad—both as a new sales tool and as a new way to communicate with and educate patients—stands out as somewhat anomalous. Granted, the sheer economic and cultural impact of the device, which was first released in April 2010, has been hard for any technologically focused industry to ignore: Apple sold 15 million iPads in the first nine months of launch. And its uptake among the medical profession has been particularly staggering. In May 2011, Manhattan Research reported that 30 percent of physicians in the U.S. already own an iPad, and this proportion will have already risen considerably, given that another 28 percent revealed they were planning to purchase one “in the next six months. (…)

But recognizing the iPad as a phenomenon and making a quick decision to embrace the hardware is just the beginning. The iPad revolution brings with it a new challenge, that of effective content creation… (…)

There are companies that appear to be getting it right, however. Johnson & Johnson’s psoriasis app for dermatologists and patients, which allows a quick and simple evaluation of the severity of their condition, has been averaging almost 60 downloads a day for well over a year. The reason for its success, explains Hunt, is that it is “pick-up-and-play, and immediately rewarding.”

On the sales/CRM side, Abbott‘s pilot app, developed by Oi, was successful because it was a “real closed loop solution,” says Ashley. In creating it, the agency went out with the sales reps to ascertain the various needs of the different clients: “It was a case of understanding that it wasn’t a matter of delivering a PowerPoint solution. The rep wants something that supports his conversation. (…)

Far from being a device to replace the sales rep, which has been one of the more hysterical reactions to the iPad, it serves to augment the relationship between reps and physicians. And the rep is more efficient in the relationship

Read further at:

Upton, Julian. iPad Apps: are you content with your content? Pharmaceutical Executive, January 2012. Online:




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January 23, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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App: Science articles tracked in social media

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Altmetric tracks tens of thousands of article mentions a month across Twitter, the scientific blogosphere and publishers including The Guardian, the NYT and New Scientist. It assigns scientific papers a score derived from this data. Around 10 – 15% of all new papers added to PubMed each month are covered (Altmetric covers articles not found in PubMed too).

Searching in the SciVerse Hub or on ScienceDirect while the app is active will rank articles by their Almetric score. Relevant information is also shown under the results themselves.

Tap through to see the actual tweets, snippets of blog posts, Mendeley & CiteULike reader counts and links to news sites

Video on Youtube:


Mentioned also by:


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November 4, 2011 at 9:41 pm

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EasyBib: an iPhone App

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EasyBib, the web bibliography maker, announces the release on an app for iPhone.

Create accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations in seconds by scanning a book bar code or by typing the name of a book. Build and manage your works cited. Once done, email your citations and then export your citations to’s popular bibliography management service.

Accessible on iTunes:


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May 26, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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SpringerImages: app for free

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[See my previous post]

Springer has decided to make the SpringerImages App free.

Anyone can download the SpringerImages App and access the 295.000 OA images for free. Institutional customers with a Clinical Medicine/Life Science or complete subscription to have mobile access with their Username and Password.

Individuals may purchase access to these image collections. Visit for more information


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May 10, 2011 at 7:23 pm

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