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Pharma companies: not seen as the most innovative (but don’t compare apples to medicines!!)

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A fair analysis by PhRMA of this recurrent report on Innovation by Booz & Company…

Booz surveyed trends in R&D spending and innovation strategies, looking at whether a company’s fluctuating investments had any long term effects on their brand’s innovation standards.

From the report:

“There is no long-term correlation between the amount of money a company spends on its innovation efforts and its overall financial performance. Instead, what matters is how companies use that money and other resources, as well as the quality of their talent, processes, and decision making.”

In Booz’s report, the list the top 20 spenders on innovation; eight of them are biopharmaceutical companies:

  • N°2,  Novartis, $9,6 billions
  • N°3, Roche
  • N°4, Pfizer
  • N°7, Merck
  • N°12, J&J
  • N°13, Sanofi
  • N°16, GSK
  • N°20: AstraZeneca

That pharmaceutical companies’ investments represent some of the highest R&D spending but still aren’t viewed as highly innovative by other industries…

Part of the discrepancy lies in a public perception problem. Industries that generate a constant stream of new products are hard to compare to pharmaceutical companies who make incremental progress researching a new medicine over the course of several years. A billion dollars invested into gadget technology can create multiple new products; the same amount spent on molecular biology means you might hopefully understand Alzheimer’s disease only slightly better than you did before.

Look through Booz’s report – it’s a worthwhile read – but remember that it’s tough to compare Apples to medicines.

And someone to comment:

what constitutes innovation? incremental change larger screen on iphone or innovative healthcare?

Hollon, Kaelan. New Report Ranks World’s Most Innovative Companies. PhRMA, 13/11/12, Available from:


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November 14, 2012 at 9:27 pm

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Innovation by Big Pharma: same education, same conferences, … give a same model

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Reported by David Bradley:

A case study of six leading pharmaceutical companies – Amgen, Elan, Lundbeck, Merck, UCB and Wyeth – by Annabeth Aagaard of the University of Southern Denmark points to how the industry might adapt to ongoing pressures from rising R&D costs, depreciating patent value and public authority desire to cut healthcare costs.

These challenges have increased the focus on shortening development times and the efficiency of Front-End of Innovation (FEI),…

Aagaard found that the six companies employ very similar approaches to idea management in FEI, which might suggest that innovation would be stifled and the competitive edge lost

A scientists says, “You have to remember, that we (i.e., the pharmaceutical scientists) all go to the same conferences, are more or less educated in the same places and are moving to and between the same companies, so we share a number of similarities and probably think very much alike when it comes to innovation and how to develop a new drug.

Read the full article at:

Bradley, David. Skunk pharma. ScienceBase, November 8, 2012. Available from:








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November 12, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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Quote: “Patents do not stifle innovation…”

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Patents do not stifle innovation any more than copyright laws stifle creativity. (…)

Patents ensure the people who put in the time and effort to achieve success are rewarded for that effort, and thereby encourage them to go back to the chalkboard to develop the next big thing. But just as importantly, patents prevent others from reaping all of the benefits of someone else’s endeavors without doing any of the hard/expensive groundwork. ”

Willis, Randall C. Out of order: patently absurd. Drug Discovery News, May 2012. Available from: [Accessed 24th of May 2012]

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May 24, 2012 at 5:39 pm

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The TOP 100 most innovative companies

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named by Reuters-Thomson, based on a series of patent-related metrics (from DWPI).

Only 2 pure Pharma:

  •  Bayer, Germany
  • BMS, USA
Read further on:

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November 16, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Intelligent search tools to face Information overload

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This is the proposal of Susan Feldman from IDC, interviewed by Elsevier’s Illumin8.

We now all spend time creating, manipulating, reviewing, publishing, searching, discovering, retrieving, archiving, and communicating electronically. We have access to too much information, with relatively few tools to help us sift through it all” (…)

According IDC studies, information workers spend an average of 9.5 hours each week gathering information. Researchers spend more. (and 14.5 hours a week to answer their emails!!)

Today’s default interaction model (the search box) is actually a barrier to innovation.

By going beyond basic keyword search and incorporating semantic analysis of underlying information, today’s tools can help categorize results, make them easier to navigate, highlight key people and topics, suggest related areas for investigation, and allow the user to more easlily explore complicated subject matters.

They help control information overload, prevent information trash, and promote serendipity. (…) these new offerings will be a prominent feature in the arsenal of tomorrow’s breakthrough innovators”

The white paper (Feldman, Susan. The Business Case for Innovation, May 2009) can be downloaded at:

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January 26, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Innovation Reports: Forum for Science, Industry and Business

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This (Germany-based) reference website is really unique to offer add-valued reports written by Industry experts.

It is an excellent source to watch innovative products, global trends and disruptive technologies. Commercial presentation: The innovation report is a modern forum for science, industry and economy for promoting the innovation dynamics and for establishing new contacts for greater use of the available innovation and performance potential.

Our editorial office researches and publishes our current messages of more than 8,200 content partners daily. Among these are colleges, research institutes, big enterprises, medium-sized companies, State and independent institutions from the whole world. In more than 13,000 reports and specials articles annually, innovation report provides current pieces of information about new technologies, highly interesting results from development and research, innovative products and services, scientific conferences and promotion projects, competitions and awards, trade fair news and many more

 I recommend especially these sections:

– Life science:

 – Health & Medicine:

My opinion: really unique. Unfortunately, the site is not designed to provide RSS feeds or email alerts: but you can use a crawler to watch changes on your favorite sections or to filter by keywords

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March 12, 2009 at 7:36 pm