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Drug pipelines: the dream of a meta-search

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Tara Breton, a librarian for a healthcare consulting company, explains how it would be great if InfoDesk would succeed to build an unbrella platform to search drug profiles trough the Big 5 (Thomson Pharma, Prous Integrity, Pharmaprojects, ADIS R&D Insight, IMS R&D Focus).

A single umbrella search system with a single output product that combines all those pipeline databases into one simplistic program? Really?  This is what InfoDesk has decided to undertake.

The company purchased a drug pipeline integration platform from Elsevier that it is currently redeveloping for release early next year. (..)

what exactly will the output resemble? Routine users of the Big 5 databases will understand the inference here. No one system outputs the same data fields and the same number.

I myself would love to have a single umbrella search system for my organization.

It would mean training users on just one simplified platform, one manner of searching, and provide better desktop access in a standardized language where the output will be systematic. The time savings would easily argue paying extra for such a product.”

Breton. Tara. The promise of integrated drug pripelines from InfoDesk: wil multisearch work?. Information Today, Posted On September 13, 2010.…


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