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Why RSS feeds are failing to be adopted by Employees?

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I read somewhere (I will try to check that ASAP) that the rate of RSS feeds adoption by Companies is less than 10%.

Mike Gotta has found out Ten reasons why “RSS enterprise” has failed to become Mainstream:

These 10 reasons are mainly technical or usability issues or linked to employees education.

As Info Pro, and seeing my end-users also not really enthusiastics by RSS feeds installed for instance into our SharePoint intranet, I would say that RSS feeds are not seen as a relevant tool to be informed in due time. To keep up to date with collected information, most of Scientists seem to prefer receiving basics emails (despite they complain everyday to be overloaded!): probably because they are afraid to miss some critical data… RSS feeds as a Push system are not applicable to a Business critical informations surveillance (Watch), the risk is too high to miss some information because you forgot to have a look during 1 week at your customized page…


Written by hbasset

May 5, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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