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Doctors still prefer print journals Vs digital!!!

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“Physicians are more likely to read the print version of new medical journals versus any type of digital version, including full digital reproductions, the publication’s website as well as tablet and smart phone applications, according to the Kantar Media Sources & Interactions Study, September 2012 – Medical/Surgical Edition.

 The study reveals that 90% of doctors read the print version of current issues of medical journals, far more than the 48% reading journals digitally. Of all doctors surveyed, 98% read current issues of journals and 44% utilize two or more platforms for reading. (…)

Unsurprisingly, younger doctors are more inclined to be digital readers than their older colleagues. However, even among the youngest demographic, print is still the most-used platform for reading current issues of journals”.

Publishers and Advertisers Can’t Go 100% Digital If They Want to Reach Majority of Doctors. PharmaLive, November 2012, Available from:



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November 28, 2012 at 8:15 pm

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